Why Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker should be the Main Event of Wrestlemania 32


He’s back! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

On RAW on February 22nd, Shane McMahon returned and it was the biggest return in WWE history since the The Rock returned in 2011. The crowd went nuts and it was a massive ovation, one that lasted nearly 10 minutes before Shane O Mac couldn’t even say one word. Nowadays with wrestling, there is rarely a true surprise, as it is always spoiled on the internet. That is what made Shane’s return so special, no one watching knew it was going to happen, not even Shane’s three sons. What was looking like a possibly weak Wrestlemania card due to many injuries (Cena, Orton, Cesaro etc.) and Daniel Bryan’s retirement, is now one that will have many entertaining matches (Ambrose vs Lesnar, Charlotte vs Sasha Banks, Reigns vs HHH) but no match has more buzz around it than Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell.

Usually the WWE title match should always close out Wrestlemania but this year that should not be the case. Most of the time the way a typical Wrestlemania is booked, the Undertaker’s match is the third last, follow by the Divas match and then the WWE title match. This year, that just simply would not work.When Wrestlemania first starts there will be a lot of energy in the building so no matter what the first 2-3 matches are the crowd will be into it. The way this Wrestlemania is shaping up, the two matches every one is most looking forward to (Shane vs Taker and Lesnar vs Ambrose) would be placed in the middle of the card. That would not make sense because after these matches happen, there will be less excitement in the building in Dallas, especially since a number of fans are not happy with the WWE Title match of HHH vs Roman Reigns and that will come across to the viewers watching at home all around the world. So in order to avoid that happening, the Shane McMahon vs Undertaker match should go on last.

The first reason as to why that should happen is because it is technically the match that has the biggest implications for the company. As Vince McMahon said on RAW, as RAW goes, WWE goes, if you run RAW you are essentially running WWE. The second reason as to why this should happen is because the match is in a Hell in a Cell and it will be hanging from the massive scoreboard in Dallas and it will surely be a sight to see. The third reason it has to happen is because there will undoubtedly be some amazing spots from Shane O Mac. It is a long shot but could you imagine him jumping off the massive scoreboard somehow and landing on Undertaker on top of the cell? The fourth reason is that there will likely be outside interference with some names who would be considered a blast from the past and those attitude era guys always get major pops. The last reason, is you never know when it is going to be Undertakers last match. There is no reason to believe this will be it but you never really know.

So there you have it Shane McMahon vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32 in a Hell In A Cell should be the Main Event of Wrestlemania. It is the match that means the most when it comes to storylines, business and the fans.

Written by Nicholas Durst




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