With Spring Training Underway, Cespedes Shows Serious “Horsepower”

Despite popular belief among New York Mets fans and all of baseball, this winter, Sandy Alderson broke bank and gave Yoenis Cespedes a 3 year contract worth an AAV of $25 million (opt out clause after first season).  Cespedes is known to be eccentric at times, both on and off the field, and with the 2016 baseball season in sight, he came to Port St. Lucie with some serious horsepower.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.29.30 PM

(📷 via Adam Rubin, Marly Rivera and New York Mets/Twitter)

Ranking Cespedes’ Cars

6) Ford F-250


This custom Ford F-250 seemed like an easy choice for Cespedes’ Spring Training debut. This pick-up truck provides plenty of space for Cespedes to transport all his baseball equipment. Hopefully Cespedes wasn’t hanging out with Jenry Mejia this offseason, because this truck looks like its on steroids. The only thing higher than the suspension on this truck are the expectations for Cespedes and the Mets this season. (~$60,000)

5) Polaris Slingshot #1

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.36.43 PM

How many people have ever even heard of this thing!? It almost seems too cool to be street legal. Cespedes pulled up to camp on Tuesday with this 3-wheel go-kart/motorcycle hybrid, customized with the number 52 on the front of the car. Maybe he’s trying to tell us how many homeruns he’s going to hit this season? (~$61,000)

4) Polaris Slingshot #2


The last car Cespedes had hiding in his bag of tricks was another Polaris Slingshot. This sleeker looking, black and white model has a four-leaf clover on the front of the car with the saying “Live Lucky” beneath it. With the $25million Cespedes will be making this year, a World Series appearance last season, and the best rotation in the game backing the Mets offense, Cespedes definitely seems to be “living lucky”. (~$61,000)

3) Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione


After bringing a different mind-boggling car to camp Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Cespedes told reporters that he was out of cars. How’s this beauty for out of cars!? Cespedes rolled up to Tradition Field Thursday morning in this red stunner that screams class and speed. Hopefully Cespedes will wow reporters with his play the way he did Thursday morning with his car surprise. (~$250,000)

2) Jeep Wrangler

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.41.42 PM

This is the most tricked out Jeep I have ever seen in my life. Fully customized from the number 52 on the side, to the lights up top, to the beautiful red leather seats. Wait a minute. Look at those seats. Trimmed with baseball laces and stitched beneath the headrest is one of Cespedes’ nicknames, “El Duro”, which means “The Badass”. What a fitting nickname because this is one bad-ass car. (~$80,000)

1) Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4


This is by far the winner of the Cespedes Spring Training “Car Show”. Cespedes replaced the Lamborghini logo with his own number 52. With suicide doors and an exhaust that shoots flames, this car belongs in a Batman movie. Maybe the Dark Night (Harvey), will get one of his own once he cashes in on a big deal. (~$400,000)


Honorable Mention: Candy the Horse


When Cespedes was out of new cars to bring to camp, he decided to come to camp with something that had some real horsepower. That’s right. Cespedes and fellow teammate Noah Syndergaard rode to Tradition Field on two buckskin horses. Syndergaard came up with the idea a few days earlier and Cespedes went all out with the cowboy hat, shirt, and boots. With the Mets clearly having fun the first week of Spring Training, let’s just hope that nobody knocks the defending National League Champs of their high horse.

Written by Jamie Rosner


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