Note to MLB Owners: Get Your Money Ready (2018 MLB Free Agency)


The 2018 MLB Free Agency class is sure to be star studded and the deals these guys should get will most likely be record breaking. Lets take a look at some of the top players who will be free agents in 2018 and project who will ante up the most money in order to sign these players.

Bryce Harper

The top free agent on the market will most likely sign with the New York Yankees for a record breaking deal in terms of years and money. Harper will only be 26 years old when he hits free agency so look for him to get a deal somewhere around 15-17 years that is around anywhere between $450-$500 million. Recently in an interview when asked if Harper thought he was worth $400 million he said don’t sell me short. When you are talking about a contract this large, the only team who really could afford it is the New York Yankees. Plus, Harper and his family are big Yankee fans.

Matt Harvey

Harvey will be the top free agent pitcher on the market. Ever since Harvey made the start in the All Star Game at Citi Field in 2013, there has been a lot of talk that the Mets would not be able to sign him and that he would be signing with the New York Yankees, a team in which he was a fan of growing up. Harvey loves the limelight so it will really come down to four teams when it comes to signing Harvey (Yankees, Angels, Dodger and Mets). Will he take a little bit of a discount to re-sign with the Mets? It is unlikely. Will the Yankees have enough money left over to sign Harvey to the big 10 year $275 million deal (would make him the highest paid pitcher of all time) he will be expecting? Maybe. Will Harvey really want to leave the East Coast where he has been all of his life? Only time will tell.

Jose Fernandez

If he wasn’t also going to be a free agent in 2018, there would be no doubt about it that Matt Harvey would be signing with the Yankees. However, with the Yankees having such great success with Cuban pitchers, it is very likely that Fernandez will be their primary pitcher target in the 2018 off season. He is not as big of a star as Matt Harvey so look for him to take a deal somewhere around 8 years $245 million with the Yankees.

Manny Machado

By far the best infielder free agent in 2018. There is a good chance the Orioles do re-sign Machado, look at the amount of money they just gave Chris Davis to keep him (7 years/ $161 million). However, Machado grew up a big Alex Rodriguez fan so expect the Yankees to be in on him. Machado will be 26 when he hits free agency so he should get a deal around 12 years $300 million.

Andrew McCutchen

He will be 32 heading in to free agency so he isn’t likely to get that massive of a deal such as the guys mentioned above, however that being said, he is still going to get paid. The Pirates do not have a history of spending money so there is a good chance he will not be back with the team. Look for him to sign with the Los Angeles Angels who gave the at the time 31 year old Albert Pujols a 10 year $254 million contract in 2011. Look for McCutchen to get a similar deal. Having McCutchen and Trout in your outfield is very very good.

Clayton Kershaw

If he opts out he will be a free agent. The past two years he saw David Price and Max Scherzer get paid big time so he will likely opt out. However, the Dodgers have the finances to keep him and he will get another large deal from them.

David Price

If he opts out he will also be a free agent. He will be 33 years old and will be looking for a big time deal in a place where he can win a World Series. Look for him to either resign with the Red Sox or join the young Cubs.

Dallas Keuchel

The reigning AL CY Young award winner will hit free agency and there will be a lot of suitors for him. He is a lefty and that will increase his value. There is probably a minimal chance the Astros spend the money to keep him so look for the Red Sox, Cubs, Yankees, Angels, Dodgers and Tigers to all be in on him. Two things to keep in mind, he has had success in Yankee Stadium and major success against the AL West.

Josh Donaldson

The reigning AL MVP will be 33 years old when he hits free agency so this will most likely prevent him from getting a mega deal with many years. There is a decent chance he remains with the Blue Jays but look for the Tigers and the Red Sox to be involved. The Red Sox seem like a logical choice since they will most likely offer more money than the Blue Jays and they can plug Donaldson in at 3B. Remember, David Ortiz is retiring after this season so next year Sandoval will move to DH.

Teams are already planning for 2018 free agency

The Yankees will have Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia and others off the books by then and they’ll have just $57 million on the books for Masahiro Tanaka, Jacoby Ellsbury and Starlin Castro.

The Cardinals have just $24 million committed that year, the final seasons for Matt Carpenter and Jedd Gyorko under their current contracts.

If Kershaw were to opt out, the Dodgers would only have $3.5 million for the 2019 season for Matt Kemp.

The Cubs currently have just $56 million committed.

The 2018 Free Agency class is star studded and it will be fun to watch and see how things will play out.


Written by Nicholas Durst


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