Nick Knack News Radio Episode 7

Tuesday Night at 9PM we have @timchacho aka Tim in Milford Connecticut on the show. When asked how he would describe himself he said “I’m between 6ft 6 and 6ft 10 depending on who you ask. Huge fan of Mike Francesa have listened since day one! Love mongonation and all the interactions on Twitter. I’m going to win the next top mongo bracket. Have great respect for all the top Mongos my Mt Rushmore is @justin_cohen @sec308  @StinsonSwarle @bmitchelf.” (He also has a “Mt Rushmore of Douchebags” that we will discuss in depth.)

Then after our interview with Tim,  our movie correspondent John Maffeo aka Maffman Jones will be on to discuss and review Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

To listen click the link below:

Participate in a live chatroom during the show or call in by dialing:

Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Then enter the Call ID: 140618 followed by the pound key (#)

You can either call in to ask questions to Tim or write them in the chat or tweet them to  @Nick_Durst and co-host J.T. Brown @SI_Sports.



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