Is Donald Trump running for President for altruistic reasons?

Donald J Trump is closing in on his seventies, the 69 years old has lived a remarkable life and let’s not forget he is a billionaire. He has set up a business empire that will keep himself and his family in the eight figures for the rest of their lives. Why would he want to deal with all the stresses of running for President?

Between the media digging up every little detail about your past, to everyone jumping on every word you say to try and spin it into a sound clip. What’s the point? What does Trump get out of it?

Trump is running for President because he honestly believes in his heart that he can fix the problems this country is facing right now. Trump is an Alpha. That type “A” personality and it must be terrible for him to sit on the sidelines and watch this country slowly slip into ruin.

Here are 8 Reasons Trump will be a great President. 

1. The Myth of the Evil 1%: In our society we have a problem where we demonize the rich. We look down on the winners and there is some kind of guilt that the rich most deal with. How could they not become rich without doing some really bad things?  

This is what makes Trump stand part from this new “Rich Guilt.” He is very rich and not ashamed of it, he has parlayed his name and business acumen into a financial empire with ventures in real estate, hospitality, entertainment, and much more, achieving the success to which Americans aspire. His wealth was estimated by Forbes at $3.2 billion in 2013, although his real estate’s value brings his net worth to over $10.3 billion.

2. Trump is a real conservative. As a candidate he appeals to all the key constituencies of the Reagan Republican party: He’s against any tax increases, he’s pro-NRA, and pro-life.  Lately the word conservative has become a ‘dirty’ word in Washington. It has been used by the far right Tea Party movement that is really a mix of neo-conservative view and a knee jerk reaction to Obama.

Trump is much closer to Regan than to Cruz or Glenn Beck. Trump is much closer to the middle on most social issues and fiscally conservative.

What really makes him stand out is the fact unlike the new conservative movement; Trump isn’t for being the world police and fighting in wars that have no upside for the United States.

3. He is a Star and his name recognition is beyond conception. A two-time Emmy Award nominee, Trump has hosted the popular show “The Apprentice” on NBC since 2004. His spinoff show “The Celebrity Apprentice” has also been a success, bringing in more than 12 million viewers for one of its season finales. And in business, attaching the Trump name to an enterprise immediately marks it as a premium venture.  Over the last two months, Trump has been the biggest story in politics around the world. He has gotten more than $2 billion dollars of free Television advertising from being talked about from both sides of the media.

4. Trump is the only Republican candidate who can claim the “Triple Crown” of American life — he has been a success in business, politics, and entertainment. He is a Winner and surprisingly very relatable for a billionaire.

5. He can move middle, independent voters. Voter turnout is up close to 160% in some places, while democratic turnout is down 30% from 2012. Also in 2012

his endorsement of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney demonstrated his political clout as Romney won in each state where Trump ventured. Romney has tried to stab him in the back for this and has been going after him at every turn. Even starting the #NeverTrump movement.

6. He can self-finance.  This means that he doesn’t owe anyone anything. He isn’t getting money from Super-Pac that he had to make under the table deals with to get funding.

7. He is tough on foreign policy. From re-shaping NATO and building his wall, Trump has already said he would deal forcibly with ISIS, China, and Russia. He has criticized China and Mexico for manipulating its currency and “stealing” American jobs, and charged that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “toying” with President Obama in Ukraine.

 Trump has pointed out that under NATO rules, countries in NATO are required to spend 2% of their GDP on defense and we are the only ones doing it. We are coving the costs of all these other nations and getting nothing out of it.

8. His wife Melania Trump would make a amazing First Lady. A former model, who speaks 5 different languages, she has the looks and charm that remind Americans of classy Jackie Kennedy and her days presiding over the East Wing.


Written by J.T. Brown


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