MLB Week 1 Review

MLB Week #1


Rookie of the Year

NL: Trevor Story 

After one week of baseball, there is a clear cut early front-runner for this award. Colorado Rockies 23 year old SS Trevor Story has had a historic 6 game stretch to begin both this season and his major league career. Story has set numerous MLB records through his first week in the big leagues. 

5th player in MLB history to homer in the first 4 games of a season- joins Chris Davis, Nelson Cruz, Mark McGwire, & Willie Mays

1st player in MLB history with 2 mulit-homer games in his first 4 games

1st player in MLB history with 6 home runs through his team’s first 4 games

Most home runs through a teams first 6 games (7)

While it is safe to say that Story won’t keep up this pace, he has shown promise in his minor league career. Story has had at least 48 extra base hits in every full minor league season in his career. This former 1st round pick put up 20 home runs, 40 doubles, 10 triples, and 80 RBIs between AA and AAA last season. 

AL: Tyler White

Who? Yes, Tyler White, the 977th overall pick in the 2013 draft. Houston Astros 25 year old 3B-man Tyler White has gotten off to a hot start in his first few major league games. White has 10 hits in just 18 at-bats, 3 of those for home runs. White also has 9 RBIs. White joins Story as both a big surprise and early favorite for the Rookie of the Year Award in an extremely talented class.

CY Young

NL: Clayton Kershaw

Is there any surprise here? Kershaw got off to a terrible start last season and still finished with incredible numbers. Through 2 starts, Kershaw has throw 15 innings, while striking out 14, holding opponents to a .100 batting average, and only giving up two earned runs. Jake Arrieta is not far behind, but he does have the early advantage in record (2-0 v. 1-0).

AL: Cole Hamels

While Felix Hernandez has gotten off to a better start in terms of opponents batting average, strikeouts, and ERA, Hamels is sitting pretty with a 2-0 record and 12 Ks in 13 innings pitched. Felix Hernandez’s biggest battle to winning his first CY Young since 2010 will be the Mariner’s ability to provide him with run support and the bullpen to hold a lead. In 2010, Hernandez won the CY Young Award despite a less than impressive 13-12 record. Hamels will need to be more consistent this season if he expects to bring home his first CY Young Award.  


NL: Trevor Story

In a few weeks when Trevor Story faces his first MLB slump, and the rest of the league catches up to the numbers he has put up after his scorching hot week, his name will not be found here. But for now, congratulations Mr. Story. You’re the National League Most Valuable Player after week 1 of a long season.

AL: Josh Donaldson

Donaldson has picked up where he left off last season. After winning his first career MVP Award last season, Donaldson put up 4 home runs and 9 RBIs, while hitting .310, in the first week of the season. He will be a MVP favorite the entire season, with Mike Trout, Miguel Caberera, and Carlos Correra likely to be fighting alongside him.

Power Rankings

1) Chicago Cubs (5-1)

2) Kansas City Royals (4-1)

3) San Francisco Giants (5-2)

4) Washington Nationals (3-1)

5) Detroit Tigers (3-1)

6) Los Angeles Dodgers (4-3)

7) Baltimore Orioles (5-0)

8) Pittsburgh Pirates (4-2)

9) New York Mets (2-3)

10) St. Louis Cardinals (3-3)

11) Houston Astros (2-4)

12) Toronto Blue Jays (3-4)

13) Chicago White Sox (4-2)

14) Boston Red Sox (3-2)

15) New York Yankees (3-2)

16) Oakland Athletics (4-3)

17) Texas Rangers (3-4)

18) Cleveland Indians (2-2)

19) Colorado Rockies (3-2)

20) Tampa Bay Rays (2-4)

21) Los Angels Angels (2-4)

22) Cincinnati Reds (5-1)

23) Arizona Diamondbacks (2-5) 

24) Seattle Mariners (2-4)

25) Milwaukee Brewers (3-3) 

26) Miami Marlins (1-3)

27) San Diego Padres (2-4)

28) Philadelphia Phillies (2-4)

29) Minnesota Twins (0-6)

30) Atlanta Braves (0-5)

Written by Jamie Rosner


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