The Money In The Bank event will be one of the better pay per views that WWE has put out. With arguably 3 worthy main events including : AJ Styles vs John Cena, The MITB Ladder Match, and of course Seth Rollins vs (C)Roman Reigns, it is sure to be one entertaining night. However, what if the unthinkable happened?

With his much anticipated return to the octagon at UFC 200 on July 9th, Brock Lesnar is sadly not on the card. With his upcoming fight against Mark Hunt at the event, it is unlikely he will return beforehand to WWE to avoid injury. But what I would like to witness is his return tonight in the event. Adding a 7th member to the MITB ladder match, which was in the original plan, would be the way to go. Brock could shock the world and take the title all in one swoop tonight. The title which he NEVER lost in a recreated scenario from Wrestlemania 31. Bringing the WWE WHC title with him to the UFC pay per view in less than 3 weeks would not only be a smart business move, but it would be a smart move in general. Showcasing the belt in front of millions on UFCs biggest event ever is just something that WWE should’ve looked into. With Lesnar confirmed to be on the Summerslam card in August, they can then have him defend the title in a triple threat match against Roman and Seth. To me, this creates more possibilities and gets the ratings up. Cause as we all know, except some certain people on the Facebook page, Brock Lesnar = Ratings. Once again, I highly doubt this happens. But as we all know, anything is possible in the WWE.

Written by Andrew Bracco


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