WWE End Of Year Awards

Wrestler of the Year: Charlotte. Easy choice. Was a champ 5 times this year and undefeated on PPVs. Could be the greatest women’s wrestler of all time if she retired today. Hall of Famer.
Performer of the Year: The Miz. He has done it all this year whether it is selling other people’s feuds on Miz TV, doing media, making Talking Smack an almost must watch show, cutting promos on facebook and instagram, continuing the Marine franchise and of course being the top heel in WWE. Great IC Champ.
Tag Team of the Year: New Day. They rock. Longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions EVER. Possibly the most over tag team in the history of wrestling. Hysterical promos all year.
Gimmick of the Year: Jericho and The List. No individual on RAW is more over than Jericho and the LIST. He has carried the Universal title picture despite not being champion or even competing in a universal title match.
Return of the Year: Shane McMahon. What a pop he got when he came out on RAW in February. It was truly surprising to see him return.
Shocking Moment of the Year: Goldberg destroying Lesnar.
Feud of the Year: Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks. These two women have raised the bar so high for the women’s division. All of their matches were amazing.
Best Moment of the Year: Zack Ryder wins the IC title at Wrestlemania in a ladder match. This was the most deserving victory of the year.
Jobber of the Year: James Ellsworth. Did things no local talent has ever done before. Cut a promo, got a catch phrase, got over with the fans, got a t-shirt, got a contract, beat the WWE Champ 3 times, was the #1 contender and helped Smackdown beat RAW at Survivor Series. Now it appears he is in a ‘relationship’ with Carmella, bada boom, best jobber in the room.
Worst ‘Future Endeavor’ of the Year: Damien Sandow. Every gimmick he was given, he got over. Yet, it did not matter since he was not a chosen one backstage.
Stick It to the Man Award: Ryback. The Big Guy stood up to HHH and the other execs in WWE and pointed out the flaws to the WWE system.
Worst Debut of the Year: Emmalina. We are still waiting.
Written by Nicholas Durst

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