11 Random WWE Thoughts

The following thoughts come to mind when watching WWE RAW on 3/13 and WWE Smackdown on 3/14.


  1. What do you think of Samoa JOwens?
  2. Shaq bitched out for Wrestlemania.
  3. Foley should’ve fired Jinder Mahal. The Smackdown tag division is off tv. Galloway is gone from TNA. The band should tune up for a reunion tour on Smackdown!
  4. Reigns should’ve speared HBK. Strowman just completely destroyed Reigns when he ran into him. That should be his finisher.
  5. Mike Rome looks just like Tom Phillips so I can see why Jericho was confused.
  6. Why’d HHH say to Foley I am going to say this in your good ear and then he proceeded to talk in his bad ear? HHH’s shoulders are just disgustingly sweaty every time he takes off his jacket. He needs to wear an undershirt.
  7. Miz TV was Awesome until Nikki grabbed the mic.
  8. Why was Shane McMahon an hour late to Smackdown? He’s the commissioner. He should be on time. The one paramedic helping him looked like Dean Ambrose.
  9. Him vs AJ is so dumb. With AJ being fired he should go to RAW.
  10. Now we know Jamie Noble is back from being stabbed as he along with Fit Finley were helping Shane walk.
  11. I was shocked there was actually a tag team match on Smackdown after weeks of none of the tag teams being on tv.

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