2017 New York Mets Pitching Staff Come September


If the New York Mets Mets want to be playing in the World Series in 2017, it all comes down to starting pitching.

Opening Day starter Noah Syndergaard came into camp with added muscle, in hopes of throwing the ball even harder. In 2016, his fastball averaged 97.9 miles per hour, which was best among qualified starters. In his first Spring Training start he debuted a devastating changeup which got batters to ‘Tasmanian Devil’ into the batter’s box.

Jacob deGrom has been the Mets most consistent starter since his 2014 debut. He was the rookie of the year and followed it up in 2015 with an amazing all star appearance in which he struck out 3 batters on 10 pitches. In the playoffs he went toe-to-toe with other aces and came out victorious. He consistently takes the mound and goes deep in to games. Without a doubt, he will be in the running for Cy Young.

The Dark Knight Rises Again in 2017, as Matt Harvey looks to become a 2 time Comeback player of the year. Make no mistake about it, Harvey is very motivated to get back to his 2013 best pitcher in the game form and wants to be the man again. Harvey will never back down in any situation and wants the ball in his hand in big spots. As of now he is flying under the radar but come the regular season, he will once again be recognized as one of the best in baseball.

Steven Matz is coming off injury again but when he is healthy, he is one of the best lefties in baseball. In 132.1 innings pitched in 2016 he struck out 129 batters and showed he could be one of the leagues best. He comes into this season as the Mets number 4 starter but could easily be a number 2 on any other team.

The biggest question mark coming into the season is Zack Wheeler. He has not pitched in a big league game since 2014, if he can return and pitch 150 innings the Mets will be in good shape.

If this staff can remain healthy they will be the best in the league, maybe even of all time and they will be playing in the World Series. No one stands in their way, not even the Cubs. Remember… the last time the Mets played the Cubs in the NLCS, it turned out well for them as the Cubs hitters could not touch the Mets pitchers.

Written by Nicholas Durst


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